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Phoenix, Arizona ( United States )
I am a photographer by passion and trade. I have been wielding a camera in a variety of manners for nearly a decade and am a member of the Assocation of Independent Architectural Photographers.

My education is in the engineering and construction field and I worked as a project manager for various construction firms before abandoning it for my true passion. I am well versed in all manners of construction terminology and am very in tune to the orchestration required to create a structure. This knowledge mixed with my understanding of photography allows me to capture the true essence of any building or construction activity.
My main photographic interests are:
landscapes, fine art/abstract, other
How I got started in photography:
It began with the first 110 camera put into my hands as a young kid. Ever since that, I have always had a camera of some kind in my hands.
Favorite subject:
Buildings small and large intrigue me for their detail and their personality. It is also the challenge in making any building look good for a client that is exciting. Making the Taj Mahal look good is easy. Making Ted's Mini Mall look good takes work and creativity!
Years photographing:
I have been working professionally with my own company for two years. Prior to that, my photographic work was for the construction firms I was working for. In total I have been photographing for clients in some form or another for 7 years
I shoot with various equipment depending on the subject matter, the client, and the mood. My primary camera body is a Sony A700. When I feel the mood for film shooting, I use a Minolta Maxxum 7 and a Kiev 88.
My philosophy:
I am very quick to detail both my strengths and weaknesses, but have a very easy going manner.

I believe that quality is a way of life in photography. A client hires a photographer for a professional representaiton of a project. It is our responsibility to capture the essence of the scene and attempt to tell the story of the time and effort that went into creating the masterpiece.
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