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DeAnne Back
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Bountiful, Utah ( United States )
Like most people who read this bio, I have always enjoyed viewing or shooting pictures, even taking an occasional class on the subject. Seven years ago, I decided to take photography a bit beyond hobby and began assisting Dave Labrum at Busath Photography. In the two years that I assisted I absolutely admired the artistry of the work I saw. Five years ago, I decided to try my hand at my own photography career. Although I have felt somewhat inadequate after viewing the beautiful work of others, I have gained alot of experience and more confidence in my abilities as a photographer. Since I still love taking pictures and since people keep calling for them, I'm making a living at it. It is so exciting for me to hunt for the defining expression, the candid moment, or the balanced colorful shot. And the ability to enhance and edit those picture perfect moments digitally is a major bonus and an enjoyment.
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