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Salt Lake City, Utah ( United States )
I am currently living is Salt Lake City, I am originally from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I specialize mostly in family,children,and stock photography. I believe in capturing a person as he/she is. Emotion and personality is what makes each person different. I have been taking photos all of my life. My father taught me the love of photography at a very young age when he gave me my first 110 film camera. I have been learning ever since. I believe that I will be learning the rest of my life as I do with everything. As soon as I learn something new, there is something more to expand on to make it better, just as in life, you are always expanding to make it better and constantly learning. Photography is my passion and my joy, because of what it can bring to others.
My main photographic interests are:
portraits, children, fine art/abstract
How I got started in photography:
I began by watching my father. He was in his earlier years a photography teacher and had shown me the joys a photo can make in someones life.
Favorite subject:
People of all ages. Especially children, because they are not afraid of who they are yet.
Years photographing:
8 years
Nikon d300
My philosophy:
Have fun!
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