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Paula Silverberg Fine Art Photography
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Scottsdale, Arizona ( United States )
I picked up a camera more than 30 years ago to record the changing palette of motherhood and family life in my new home in Scottsdale, Arizona. Though experienced with traditional 35mm format, the digital medium has expanded and enhanced my ability to capture the richness of nature and the world around me. I find that exploring color leads to exciting discoveries, whether photographing Venice or the cactus blooms in my backyard. My photographs create a simple vibrancy meant to capture moments in time--the extraordinary in the everyday. I take the majority of my photos using various Canon Digital SLR's (10D and EOS Rebel XTI ).
My main photographic interests are:
nature, still life, travel
How I got started in photography:
I started taking pictures of my children with a Nikon SLR back in the early 1970's.
Favorite subject:
I respond to where I am. When I in the southwest desert or in gardens I am inspired by nature. In foreign cities I love the architecture and the markets.
Years photographing:
In 2004 my husband encouraged me to begin to work with the digital and computer technology.
I found this the perfect format for my vivid colors. I started by selling on Ebay and then developed a website thanks to my talented nephew which has been expanded to over 50 photos and many collections. This business is definitely a family affair!! The notecards are very accessible and instant art. I am now doing custom enlargements of my work in prints and photo giclee on canvas for interiors.
I work on a Dell PC. I have Canon equipment--cameras 10D and Rebel Xti and printer (i9900). I print all my own work up to 13x19.
My philosophy:
The whole idea is to bring beauty into someone's life. I love to share my work. I give alot away. I also use a portion of my sales to sponsor a child from
Children International.
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