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Park City, Utah ( United States )
Deborah began her photography career in high school as a member of the yearbook and literary magazine, and with a job at the local newspaper. At 17, she was recognized by Kodak International as a medalist in black and white photography, thereby boosting her confidence and starting her own business as a wedding photographer. During a stint as a model, Deborah morphed her interest into fashion photography. Deborah's photographic interest continues to evolve and meet the needs of the situation in a documentary style.
My main photographic interests are:
family events/vacations, nature, fine art/abstract
How I got started in photography:
My interest began as an art student - I learned I was a much better photographer than artist as I could reposition myself and change the point of view, control the light, and manipulate the subject.
Favorite subject:
I capture the "feeling" of a place or event in a documentary style - from San Francisco to New Orleans - to Bar/Bat Mitzvah's to lacrosse games.
Years photographing:
I've been photographing professionally on and off for 30 years.
35mm Nikon
My philosophy:
Every picture tells a story. Every photograph writes a book. A photograph should create a memory and create a smile.
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