30 Years of Adventure at Home & Beyond (January 30th, Tuesday)

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January 30th
Brewvies Cinema Pub
677 S 200 W,
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

How would you like to get a cinematic experience of incredible nature photographs professionally taken from around the world while also helping out a good cause? Come to Brewvies Cinema Pub on Tuesday January 30th for a special night as Save Our Canyons hosts award-winning photographer Howie Garber as he displays some of his prized pictures from his presentation “30 Years of Adventure at Home and Beyond”.

Howie Garber is a double-threat guy. He’s not only an emergency physician, but also a widely-published nature photographer who has won four awards from the BBC in their Wildlife Photographer of the Year Contest. His images have been exhibited in the Museum of Natural History in London, England and in the Smithsonian Museum.

His recent book, Utah’s Wasatch Range: Four Season Refuge, won a Ben Franklin Silver Medal in the 2014 competition of Independent Book Publishers. His other book, Adventures in Fine Art Photography, also won the grand prize in the Foreground Contest as the best Fine Art and Photography Book of 2015.

Howie has traveled and photographed all over the globe, including China, Bhutan, Patagonia, Peru, Antarctica, Brazil, Kenya, England, Alaska, Australia, and Switzerland. He’s excited to share a selection of his priceless photographs from some of these locations through the professional optics of a Brewvies projector. And as a bonus, he’ll let you in on some secret locations of where to go for picturesque landscapes during a winter like the one we’re having right now.

Since Howie has been involved in planning in the Wasatch Mountains for over 30 years, he has partnered with non-profit organization Save Our Canyons in making all the proceeds of this event go towards their mission of being “dedicated to protecting the beauty and wilderness of the Wasatch canyons, mountains, and foothills.” Learn more about their cause here.

The event tickets online are less expensive than at the door, so go ahead and purchase them in advance here for $10 each*.

*All proceeds go to Save Our Canyons

Here are just a few samples of what's in store for this evening.