Expodisc 2.0 77mm White Balance Filter Neutral

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The ExpoDisc 2.0 White Balance Filter in Neutral (77mm) is a helpful tool that allows you to set the correct white balance quickly and accurately. It is calibrated and certified for neutrality in the visible spectrum and for 18% transmission incident light metering. This 2.0 version of the ExpoDisc features a durable and easily mountable polycarbonate ring and also combines neutral and portrait into a single product with swappable warming filters.

Adjusting white balance with the ExpoDisc gives you a more consistently balanced color. Using white balance cards can often lead to inconsistencies due to improper angling and shadows. The ExpoDisc eliminates these problems and delivers perfect results every time.

Using the ExpoDisc is easy. Just take a photograph of the light source through the ExpoDisc and then follow your camera's instructions for setting up a custom white balance. You can also use the ExpoDisc to determine proper exposure.

  • Quickly set white balance for photo and video
  • Calibrated to strict tolerances of color neutrality and features an 18% transmission incident light metering filter
  • Individually tested and certified by transmission spectrophotometer
  • Constructed of carefully selected and matched optical grade materials
  • Button-activated durable polycarbonate mount