HPRC 2700 WPHA2 Wheeled Hard Case + Foam for all DJI Phantom 2

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The HPRC 2700 WPHA2 Wheeled Hard Case + Foam for DJI Phantom 2 is a watertight hard case designed specifically for the DJI Phantom quadcopter.  The 2700 case features wheels and retractable handle for easy transportation.  Made with a pre-cut foam interior to specifically hold the DJI Phantom 2 Vision, as well as the transmitter, range extender, two batteries, charger and other accessories, this hard case is ideal for transportation with the Phantom to ensure safety of the device.  

Impact, drop, corrosion and water resistant, this case will protect your quadcopter and miscellanious devices, while still being lightweight.  With the water resistant capability, the hard case can be submerged in shallow water safetly, thanks to the release valve to equalize air pressure and neoprene o-ring.