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lighting cables adapters

Profoto A1 Li-Ion Battery
Often when a photographer is right in the thick of the action, the last thing they need is to have to stop mid flow to change the batteries. Created specifically for the A1, the Lithium-Ion high capacity battery lasts up to four times longer than cumbersome AA batteries with no...
F&V AC Power Adapter, lighting cables & adapters, F&V - Pictureline  - 1
The F&V AC Power Adapter supplies continous DC power to your F&V LED lights and LCD monitors.  Input: AC100-240V~1.0A 50-60Hz.  Output: DC12V -6A Polarity: Postivive Center Pin.  Comes with AC Power Adapter and Three-Prong Power Cord.   Compatible Devices: • F1 7" LCD Monitor - HDMI • F1 7" LCD Monitor...
Dot Line Male to Male PC Cord 15' Straight, lighting cables & adapters, Dot Line - Pictureline
Dot Line
Dot Line Male to Male PC Cord 15' Straight
Westcott Triple Threat Flash Shoe, lighting cables & adapters, Westcott - Pictureline  - 1
The Westcott Triple Threat Flash Shoe provides photographers the ability to increase their light output without having to carry around big, heavy strobes. Designed by adventure photographer, Bruce Dorn, the Westcott Triple Threat will mount three speedlites to one simple, small, and affordable bracket. Three speedlites are focused at center of modifier when...
Profoto B2 Air TTL 3m Extension Cable, lighting cables & adapters, Profoto - Pictureline
The Profoto B2 Air TTL 3m Extension Cable is designed to connect the B2 Battery pack and B2 head with an additional three meters of extension.  With the extension cable connected, you can position the B2 flash further from the pack without compromising performance.
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Hama PC-Hot Shoe w/Cord, lighting cables & adapters, Hama - Pictureline
HAMA PC to Hot Shoe Permits a flash unit with a hot shoe contact to be mounted on a camera without a hot shoe contact.
Profoto D1 Sync Cable, lighting cables & adapters, Profoto - Pictureline
The Profoto D1 Sync Cable consists of an adapter 2 x 6.3 mm socket to 1 x 6.3 mm plug. For ComPact, Acute2 and AcuteB2 flashes to connect two sync devices (like radio slave and flash meter) or for daisy chaining.
Profoto A1 Battery Charger
Recharge the A1’s Lithium-Ion battery quickly and easily with this small and compact charger. The battery is clicked into the top of the charger and a LED light tells you when it’s returned to full power, which takes as little as 80 minutes. Features Charges the Li-Ion Battery for A1...
Paramount House to PC 5ft. Coiled, lighting cables & adapters, Paramount Cords - Pictureline
Paramount Cords
The Paramount House to PC 5ft. Coiled is a heavy duty 5 ft. coiled cord. This cord features doubly insulated, heavy gauge wire for strength. Wires within the cords are positioned in parallel to eliminate twisting, knotting, kinking, and breaking, and they're individually stranded and tinned for maximum conductivity. Cord...
Elinchrom PC to 3.5mm Sync Cord, lighting cables & adapters, Elinchrom - Pictureline
The Elinchrom PC to 3.5mm Sync Cord is a 16' Remote Control Cable to connect Remote Control (EL 19340) to 3.5mm Jack Socket.
Rosco Matte Cinefoil 12"x50'
Omega Brandess Distribution Distribution Kalt
Rosco Matte Black Cinefoil 12" x 50' roll is made from a non-reflective aluminum material that absorbs light. Ideal for masking light leaks and/or eliminating unwanted reflections. Can be quickly shaped to form barndoors, flags, and other configurations. This lightweight, yet durable, Cinefoil can be quickly positioned in place with...
Westcott 7' Umbrella Triple Pack
Westcott 7' Umbrella Triple Pack Description The Westcott 7' Parabolic Umbrella Triple Pack provides a broad light source that wraps light around your subject creating very clean highlights and rich open shadows. The umbrellas special shape of the gives a unique mix of soft enveloping light with crisp detail.The design structure of...
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