Lee Filters 100x100mm Solar Eclipse Glass 20 Stop ND Filter

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Perfect Accessory for the August 2017 Eclipse

The Lee Filters 100x 100mm Solar Eclipse glass filter (20-stop ND Filter) is designed solely for simple photography of solar eclipses or the surface of the sun and is the newest edition to the famous LEE Filters “Stoppers” line. This Solar eclipse filter is everything you’ve come to expect from LEE Filters!

Manufactured from high-quality glass, the Big Stopper fits the LEE FK Filter Holder and the 100mm Push-on Holder, so it can be used with a variety of lenses and even in conjunction with other types of filters, such as neutral density graduated filters.

The Lee Filters Solar Eclipse 20-stop ND Filter is an extremely high quality glass ND filter optimized for use with digital cameras. The filter also features a foam gasket all around the inside of the perimeter of the filter, which when the filter is placed in the Lee holder in the slot closest to the lens creates a light tight seal to prohibit light leaking around the sides of the filter. This 4x4 (100mm) glass filter has professionally finished edges and comes in a protective 4x4 metal padded case.