Profoto Pro-B4 1000 Air Pack with Battery and Charger

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Pro-B Battery Generators

The Pro-B4 1000 Air has two outlets, individually adjustable in 1/10 f-stop increments. Huge 11 f-stop power range. Extremely fast recycling, capable of firing up to 30 flashes per sec. Flash duration down to 1/25,000 sec and very short even at higher light output. Remarkably stable light output and color temperature over range and from flash-to-flash. Modeling light up to 1x500W or 2x250W. Built-in Profoto Air wireless sync and remote control with a range up to 300 m / 1000 ft. Lithium-Ion battery provides up to 220 full power flashes per battery charge. Battery recharges in just 45 minutes with standard charger and can be charged while in use.

Pro-B battery generators provide studio performance on location. Just like the Pro studio generators, the Pro battery generators are characterized by extremely fast recycling and short flash duration. They are also the most durable battery packs on the market. The Pro battery generators include the Pro-B4 and the Pro-B3. Both accept the full range of ProHeads and ProRings.

Energy 1000 Ws. Energy control 1-1000Ws (11 f-stop). Recycle time: 0.03-.99 sec. Flash duration (t0.5): 1/25,000-1/2,000 sec. Delivered with battery and charger. 

Size: 31.5 x 18 x 25 cm / 12.4 x 7.1 x 9.8 in. Weight: 9.8 kg / 21.6 lbs (incl. Battery)