Westcott Flex Collapsible China Cube for 1’x1’ Mats

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  • Quick-collapse softbox design for unmatched portability
  • Evenly diffuses Flex 1x1 light output
  • Premium 1 1/4-stop diffusion fabric
  • Removable black blocks for precise light control
  • Emulates overhead interior lighting
  • Adjustable built-in mounting straps
  • Must-have modifier for on-the-go filmmakers
  • Mounting straps and carry case included

Create Soft Overhead Lighting

The Flex Collapsible China Cube is the ideal modifier for creating ultra-soft overhead lighting on set or on location when paired with a Flex 1x1' or 2x2' LED mat. The Flex and Flex Collapsible China Cube combination is the perfect solution for lighting table scenes, recreating ambient lighting, interviews, and more.

Instant Light Modification

Powerful Flex LED mats fill the entire Flex Collapsible China Cube with superior quality light. Flex easily mount to the top of the cube via hook-and-loop edging and security tabs.

Unmatched Portability

This Flex softbox instantly collapses flat for travel and storage. The Flex Collapsible China Cube's travel case features durable hardware and a comfortable shoulder strap.

Precisely Direct & Diffuse Light on Set

Designed with superior 1 1/4-stop diffusion fabric, the Flex Collapsible China Cube perfectly softens and diffuses the Flex's output evenly while maintaining its color temperature. The four included removable black blocks allow for exact light flagging. These block simply slip over the edges of the cube's flat sides.

Mount Anywhere

The Flex Collapsible China Cube's removable and adjustable mounting straps allow for quick and effective mounting to booms, arms, trusses, and overhead rigs. These heavy-duty straps feature an interior grip pad to prevent slipping.