Westcott Flex 1’x1’ Portable Softbox

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The Westcott Flex 1’x1’ Portable Softbox is an ultra-portable modifier is designed to effectively direct and diffuse Flex 1’ x 1’ Daylight and Bi-Color LED mats while maintaining a travel-friendly form. Soft yet durable, the Flex 1’ x 1’ Portable Softbox is constructed with a smooth coated nylon that is internally reinforced with flexible plastic plating.

Lined with industrial-grade touch fastener, this modifier effortlessly mounts Flex 1’x 1’ LED mats, Scrim Jim Cine 1’ x 1’ frames, and the included 1/4-stop diffusion Silk Diffuser.

For the ultimate portability, the Flex 1’ x 1’ Portable Softbox is designed to collapse flat for easy placement in gear bags, cases, and luggage.

  • For use with 1' x 1' Flex LED mats
  • Effortlessly directs and softens Flex LED output
  • Collapses flat for travel
  • Heavy-duty touch fastener mounting strips
  • Soft yet durable coated nylon construction
  • Mounts to 1' x 1' Scrim Jim Cine frame or directly to 1' x 1' Flex LED mat