X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Photo 2

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Passport Photo 2 – even more color control

X-Rite created the industry-standard ColorChecker Passport 10 years ago. With this new and even more powerful version, you can capture and create more perfectly than ever.

ColorChecker Passport Photo 2 is ideal for any photographer looking for accurate, consistent color and creative flexibility. The combination of targets and camera calibration software combined with your choice of Lightroom®, Photoshop®, CaptureOne® or Canon® DPP, delivers the most professional quality color control possible.

Passport Photo 2 combines four photographic targets into one pocket-size protective, case that adjusts to any scene. Together with the included Camera Calibration software and Lightroom Plug-In, you get the ultimate in functionality, flexibility and portability for a more perfect color journey.

ColorChecker Passport Photo 2 includes:

  • Gray Balance Target - Set exposure with an in-camera or handheld meter.
  • White Balance Target - Create custom in-camera white balance for a consistent white point across a set of images with no need to correct each individual image later.
  • Classic Target - Industry standard 24-patch color reference target for creating custom camera profiles and for visual color assessments.
  • Creative Enhancement Target - Neutralize and create your look with enhancement patches, check and evaluate shadow details and highlight clipping, and control color shifts.
  • Camera Calibration Software - Create custom camera profiles based on your individual camera/lens/lighting combinations for both DNG and ICC workflows.
  • Lightroom® Plug-In - Create custom camera profiles directly in Adobe® Lightroom® Classic and Lightroom® Classic CC.
  • Portable Protective Case - Adjusts to accommodate multiple positions so you can easily incorporate the target(s) into any scene. Also includes a handy lanyard so your Passport is always close by.

Compatible Software
DNG and ICC Profiles

  • Adobe® Lightroom® 2.0 or newer (Classic or CC)
  • Adobe® Photoshop® Camera Raw 4.5 or newer
  • Adobe® Photoshop® CS3 or newer
  • Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 7 or newer
  • Adobe® Bridge CS3 or newer

3rd Party Support

ColorChecker Classic target is also supported by these 3rd party software solutions:

  • Hasselblad Phocus
  • Black Magic DaVinci Resolve
  • 3D LUT Creator

With more color science experience than anyone in the industry, the Color Checker Passport Photo 2 was truly created by Color Perfectionists for Color Perfectionists.

ColorChecker Camera Calibration Software Download