0730 Alex Buono’s Visual Storytelling Filmmaking Workshop - July 30th


Dramatically increase the impact of your films with this full-day filmmaking workshop featuring hands-on live demos. Taught by Oscar nominee & DP of the SNL Film Unit Alex Buono, this 32-city tour features advanced techniques on lighting, lens selection, camera movement & settings, color correction, visual style & subtext, and more. Tickets start at $99.

Register HERE  using discount code: AVS2LD for Alex Buono's Visual Storytelling Filmmaking Workshop Tour.

Thursday, July 30th
9:00 a.m. - 7:30 p.m.
Alpine Ballroom
Cost (before discount code):
$249 Daytime Seminar
$99 Evening Seminar
$299 Full-Day Experience
Parking Info:

$5.00 Self Parking

The Visual Storytelling Tour is divided into a daytime hands-on workshop and an evening lecture.


The Daytime Visual Style Workshop will immerse you in an intense analysis of different styles, or genres, of filmmaking, enabling you to incorporate a broad range of visual cues in your own work. Alex's 15 seasons shooting for SNL have given him the opportunity to shoot essentially every filmmaking genre — romantic comedy, gritty documentary, pharmaceutical commercial, corporate interview, stylish thriller, etc.—with basically zero prep time. He will offer hands-­on demonstration of his approach for filming different styles by examining the visual patterns for each genre and how to manifest each style through both lighting and camerawork. His biggest goal is to combat the notion that “I can’t afford to create that style.” by working with a set of contained, affordable and accessible tools, and creating vastly different looks using those tools.

The evening seminar will be devoted to exploring Visual Subtext. This theoretical lecture is about the power of semiotics in cinema – how you can create images that mean much more than just what’s on the surface. He will use scores of real world examples from both his own work and the work of his filmmaking heroes, to demonstrate in very simple terms how the great filmmakers rely on visual subtext to tell more powerful stories. Subtopics within this lecture include a definition of semiotics in cinema, an analysis of the 5 primary types of symbolism you can draw upon, and a demonstration of the 7 different practical ways to add subtext – things like camera movement, composition, lighting, sound design, production design, hair design and even makeup.



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