Advanced Video and Stills Class with Michael Richardson (August 4th, Saturday)

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August 4th
Pictureline Conference Room
305 West 700 South,
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Are you considering or have you recently purchased one of Panasonics great flagship cameras? Panasonic Representative Michael P. Richardson will be on hand to present the advantages of a Mirrorless Micro 4/3rds system. This class will cover the differences of the Panasonic current product line while demonstrating the advanced Video and Still features.


  • 4K Video
  • Adapted Glass
  • Anamorphic Open Gate Capture
  • 6K Photo
  • and much much more!

This is the perfect opportunity to get and answer to all those questions you always forget to ask or don't even know you SHOULD ask.

Attendees will receive a gift card for $24.95 at the end of the class.

About the Instructor:
Michael P. Richardson has been shooting Panasonic Lumix Mirrorless cameras exclusively for over two years. After working with the major DSLR lines, Michael chose Panasonic for its size, weight, and technical advantages as well as its legendary Leica Glass options. Creating images for such clients as Disney, Toyota, Honda, Pioneer, Alpine, Airbus, Atlas Copco, Goodyear and Anheuser-Busch, his images have graced numerous advertising campaigns, annual reports and magazines over a 30 year professional photographic career. Considered a Digital Reproduction and Color Specialist, Michael has worked with numerous agencies, museums and galleries to design and manage their professional workflow and asset storage. In addition to a corporate and industrial photographic career, Michael currently provides images to numerous NCAA College and Professional sports teams.

Michael has inspired numerous photographers with his back to basics approach to technical photography through various classes and themed demonstrations. He strives to assist other photographers in “seeing the light” through demonstration and discussion of the benefits of the Panasonic/Lumix Mirrorless System.