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  • The most versatile camera remote yet
  • One Spark. 3 Ways to Take Better Photos
  • Be In Your Own Photos
  • Everything you need. Nothing you don’t.
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Infrared TriggeringUse Spark’s infrared triggering for ultra-quick selfies, group photos and portraits. When Spark is not plugged into your camera or connected to the app, point spark at your camera and press the button to send a line-of-sight infrared beam to your camera. Infrared range is up to 30 ft.
Wired TriggeringUse wired triggering to quickly set up a time lapse or long exposure without needing your phone. Press and hold Spark’s button to program your time lapse interval (at one second resolution) and then plug Spark into your camera’s shutter port. To take a long exposure, plug Spark into your camera and then press and hold the button to open and close the shutter.
App Triggering To access all of Spark’s features (with the exception of infrared triggering), plug Spark into your camera’s shutter port and then connect your smartphone to Spark using the app. For time lapses, long exposures, and other features where your camera may be shooting for several minutes or hours, you don’t need to keep your smartphone connected to Spark. Once you’ve specified your settings with the app, you’re free to disconnect your smartphone from Spark knowing that nothing will interfere with your shot. Spark connects to your phone using Bluetooth Low Energy and has a range of up to 100 ft.
Battery LifeSpark runs off of its own replaceable coin cell battery, independent of your camera and phone. Spark does not have an on/off switch and will automatically go to sleep when inactive to extend battery life. 2000+ hours of run time. Replaceable coin cell battery Like all electronics, battery life varies with operating conditions and temperatures below 0ºC may reduce battery performance.
Hotshoe MountingSpark securely slides into your camera’s hotshoe mount for convenient shooting and storage. Spark does not need to be mounted in this position and while using Spark your camera’s hotshoe can be available for flashes and other accessories.
Dimmable LEDsBy default Spark flashes blue just before taking a photo. This does not interfere with long exposures or night photography, and you can control the intensity of this light or disable it entirely.
Camera CompatibilityCompatible with most DSLR and mirrorless camera models. Compatible cameras are listed on the PDF attachment. If a specific camera is not featured in the PDF, we may not have tested it and it may be compatible. Please contact us for more information. Additionally, not all cameras have infrared receivers and some cameras may be partially compatible with Spark.
Smartphone CompatibilityMost Apple and Android smartphones and tablets with Bluetooth 4.0 or newer are compatible iPhone 4 and below and iPad 2nd generation and below are not compatible.