Amaran T4c 4' RGB LED Tube Light *OPEN BOX*

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Product Highlights

  • HSI Full Color Control
  • 77Wh Swappable Battery Included
  • Approx. 100 mins Run Time @ Max Output
  • Unique & Friendly Mounting Solutions
  • Wireless Sidus Link App Control
  • 15 Built-in Lighting FX
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Product Highlights

  • HSI Full Color Control
  • 77Wh Swappable Battery Included
  • Approx. 100 mins Run Time @ Max Output
  • Unique & Friendly Mounting Solutions
  • Wireless Sidus Link App Control
  • 15 Built-in Lighting FX

Included Items

  • T4c 4' RGB LED Tube Light
  • Tube Battery Grip
  • AC Power Supply
  • AC Power Cable
  • 3/8-16" Eyebolt
  • T4c Carrying Case
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty
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Introducing the brand-new amaran T4c 4-foot full-color LED tube light! This feature-packed light is the perfect fit for all levels of content creators, filmmakers, and photographers. With its 40W RGBWW output that produces 744+ lux at 1 meter (5600K), full-color control, tunable CCT from 2,500K to 7,500K, and green- magenta adjustment, the T4c can be tailored to the needs of your production. It is designed with a variety of unique mounting solutions including NATO rail, 1⁄4- 20in threading, 3/8-16in threading with Arri-style locating pins, and a 77Wh swappable battery pack for approximately 1.7 hours of runtime at max output, allowing you to both rig and power your light anywhere without worrying about additional cables or outlets. And with stellar CRI and TLCI scores of 95+ and 98+, stepless dimming from 0 to 100%, and Sidus Link App control, the T4c will always give you the quality of light you need.

Amaran T2c 2' RGB LED Tube Light

Featuring the latest in amaran RGBWW technology, the T4c utilizes 46 color gel presets and 15 different lighting effects, each with layers of variable control, to inject creativity into lighting any scene. Using the Sidus Link app, you can also utilize tools unique to the Aputure and amaran ecosystems, such as Source Match, Color Picker, and Custom FX. And unique to the newest fixtures in the amaran product line, you can control the T4c using DMX with a special USB-C to 5-Pin DMX512 In & Out adapter cable, adding professional-level control to your favorite tube light.

You can also leave the tube bare with its over 180° aperture, giving you more coverage in your shot design, or attach a tool-less, collapsible 45° light control grid* to the tube to finesse your lighting design.

Amaran T4c 4' RGB LED Tube Light

The amaran T4c is a powerful, lightweight, and versatile tube light that is the perfect addition to your lighting kit.

The amaran T4c is ideal for content creators, indie filmmakers, and photographers who need a 4-foot linear lighting solution with full-color control, battery-operability, and intuitive mounting options.

The optical and linear design of the T4c lights are perfect as in-camera practicals, wrapping soft lights, and accent lights for people or products. The RGBWW chipset of the T4c gives users full control over the output and can easily add a splash of color to their scene.

By using a removable, rechargeable battery, the T4c suits users who want to be able to quickly swap batteries on set and maintain the longevity & lightweight design of their light fixtures if batteries ever need to be replaced.

Using Amaran T2c 2' RGB LED Tube Light with Sidus link app

Aputure & amaran’s ecosystem and Sidus Link App integration also make the amaran T2c perfect for users who prefer to adjust their lights remotely so they can spend more time behind or in front of their camera. With the Source Match, Color Picker, and Gel control functions, choosing the perfect color for the scene has never been easier.

A lot of intention went into the design of the mounting solutions for the amaran tube lights. With NATO rail compatible mounting running along the length of the light for flexible positioning. Arri-style locating pins for secure locking, and six of the ubiquitous 1⁄4-20in screw threads, users can intuitively rig these tube lights with their existing camera and grip accessories, removing the need to purchase proprietary tube clips or clamps.