Aputure Demo Day with Mark Mather (Friday, August 23, 2019)

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August 23rd
Pictureline Classroom
305 West 700 South,
Salt Lake City, UT 84101



Mark Mather from Aputure will be coming in-store for a hands-on Demo Day from 10:00-4:00 pm to answers questions about the Aputure Lighting Products and Modifiers. Mark will give you tips and techniques on how to improve your lighting for photos, videos, or cinema productions. Special pricing two days only in-store for the event! As well as raffle prizes offered in-store!

Time: 10:00-4:00 pm

Date: Friday, August 23, 2019

Where: Pictureline

Mark Mather

Mark entered the photographic & imaging industry through his father Joseph Mather. His father was instrumental in developing the Norman Electronic Flash Company several years ago.

Throughout his career, Mark has worked with many professional photographic and imaging equipment companies such as Norman Enterprises, Hasselblad, Carl Zeiss, Sinar-Broncolor, Chimera, and was the Director of Sales for the U.S. for the Germany Lighting Company, Hensel GmbH for many years.

Mark also has had the opportunity to work with many great photographers and educators as well such as Annie Leibovitz, Helmut Newton, Dennis Reggie, and Greg Gorman. His photographic educators over the years are many but he owes his lighting knowledge to the late Dean Collins who is considered one of the best photographic lighting instructors ever. Mark worked with Dean for several years and helped develop the “Dean Collins Fine Light Series” of educational publications and videos.

Mark has an honorary Master’s Degree from the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA and is currently the Director of Sales for the Aputure Imaging Company.