Breakthrough Photography 46mm X4 Circular Polarizer Filter

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X2 X4

Product Highlights

  • State-of-the-art nanotec® Nano Coatings Technology
  • Weather-sealed against wind, salt water, and dust
  • 25 Year Ironclad Guarantee

Included Items

  • 46mm X4 Circular Polarizer Filter
  • Lens Cloth
  • Limited 25-Year Warranty
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Although from a relatively new name in the photographic filter industry, the Breakthrough Photography 46mm X4 Circular Polarizer Filter challenges the quality of competing filters due to Breakthrough's research and innovation.

World’s most color neutral circular polarizer—guaranteed

Breakthrough has developed a new polarization film that lies at the core of the X4 CPL filter lineup, and it is manufactured in California. Breakthrough wanted to stand out in the crowded filter market, and opted to use polarization film intended for high-quality LCD panels rather than the off-the-shelf film commonly used by other manufacturers. This film does not exhibit the yellow cast of traditional polarization films due to a gradual wavelength transmission increase starting around 600nm. The result is the world’s most color neutral performance in a circular polarizing filter.


Expand dynamic range in-camera

Every photographer with a digital camera has at one point or another struggled with dynamic range. The popular field of HDR photography exists in large part due this, since the human eye has the ability to detect nearly 20 stops of range, but cameras top out at around 12-14 stops. Rotating the end of the circular polarizer allows the user to see the degree of correction, removing glare and simultaneously adding vibrancy, contrast, and color saturation before the exposure is made.

Absolutely the sharpest circular polarizing filter

A camera lens is only as good as its worst element, and using a Breakthrough Photography circular polarizer helps ensure that the filter is not the weak point. The X4 Circular Polarizer features SCHOTT Supershite B270 optical glass, which is among the best optical elements used for camera filtration, and is combined with state-of-the-art, multi-resistant coatings (MRC) to reduce reflection and increase surface durability. These MRC coatings are added in eight layers to each side of the filter, resulting in a MRC16 coating, which in lab tests has been shown to be the perfect combination of flare reduction without loss of light transmission.

Built to last and guaranteed to match

The Breakthrough Photography X4 Circular Polarizing filters are built for field work, and are weather-sealed to withstand extreme wind, salt water, dust, and any other abrasive condition or elements. Nano Coating Technology is also added, which helps water to bead up and roll off the filter instead of absorbing and smearing, and Breakthrough is so confident in the built quality of their filters that they back it up with a 25-year warranty.