0908 Freezing Motion - Understanding Flash Duration & High Speed Sync

When: Tuesday, September 8th @ 7PM - 9PM
Where: Utah County Studio Co-OP - MAP

Come join us for a fun, live demo and hands on event learning how to freeze motion for crisp photos. Modern strobes and flashes often offer options to help with freezing motion, either through shortened flash duration or high speed sync (HSS). We will go over how to accomplish this with some different models of lights in some live situations. First inside the studio with some dropped objects and water, then outside with some willing participants and dropped water :)

This will be a fun, live action event. Free to everyone to attend. We do need some volunteers willing to get wet to receive an awesome new profile photo! Water is planned to be dumped for a splash and possibly some water balloons if there are willing participants. Please let us know if you are willing to get wet!

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