Fujifilm UV/IR Forensics Photography Workshop (April 4-5th)

Fujifilm UV/IR Forensics Photography Workshop (April 4-5th), classes, pictureline - Pictureline

Come and join us for this technical training in Forensic Photography! Whether you're looking to get into the field of photographing forensics, or are already a professional in the field and simply want more in-depth training, we highly recommend this 2-day workshop. It will be taught on April 4th-5th, by the well-known Julio Sosa, who has been in the field of Forensic Photography for over 10-years and has worked for the FBI, USSS and numerous state and local law enforcement agencies. 

In this course, you will learn:

Forensic Advanced Photography

Dramatically improve the quality of your images through proper white balance and file type selection.  Chain of custody, basic standard operating procedures (SOP) and digital workflows will also be addressed.

Forensic Camera Configuration

You will learn the recommended settings for optimizing your digital camera for Forensic Photography. An emphasis will be made on producing quality finished files directly in the camera, minimizing the possibility of defense challenges, while also reducing post-processing time. Use of X T1 IR camera to capture infrared and ultraviolet photographs.

Forensic Lighting

In this workshop, you will learn how to use a variety of lighting techniques for documenting a crime scene. Proper use of flash both on camera and off camera. Use of incandescent light in infrared photography. As well as, use of different IR and UV filters. 

Forensic Close Up Photography

A presentation on close up techniques and tools to document fingerprints, footwear, and tire track impressions. How to select and position scales. Leveling cameras to reduce axial distortion. Use of in-camera IR settings for documenting a crime scene. And use of IR and UV settings for documenting bruising, tattoo identification, GRS, and blood spatter.    

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