GoPro Ride Hero Handlebar/Seat Post Mount

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The GoPro Ride HERO is especially designed to mount your quick-release GoPro camera to your bike seatpost and/or handlebars. With this on-bike mounting accessory you'll capture thrilling footage from a different vantage point than the usual helmet shot that is sure to impress all your friends.

The Ride HERO also attaches to chainstays or or any other place on the bike that is in the clamp's range of 0.75-1.4". The included orientation adjusting mounts provide numerous position options to make sure you get the angle you want.

You can also clamp to chainstays, small roll bars, bolt-heads, windsurfing and kitesurfing booms/control bars, or anything else that is in the size range above.

Compatible with all GoPro quick-release cameras including the Helmet HERO Wide, Motorsports HERO Wide, Motorsports HERO, Surf HERO, and WIDE HERO cameras. Not compatible with the Digital HERO 5 Wrist Camera.