Hasselblad GIL GPS Accessory

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The Hasselblad GIL GPS Accessory demonstrates Hasselblad's drive for continuous technical innovation.  The Hasselblad Global Image Locator (GIL) is a unique integrated GPS product for the Hasselblad H3D cameras that automatically records the camera's exact geographic co-ordinates at the precise moment of image capture. This data is integrated into the metadata of a specific image file and used together with the Hasselblad's new imaging software, Phocus, to allow images to be located on a map or found in a computer file system using the GPS coordinates as a search term. All the image files shot or stored in a specific location can be easily identified and found. As a direct link to Google Earth has also been built into Hasselblad's Phocus software, it is also possible to establish via the internet what image files were captured at any particular location. With Google's functionality, the user can also view their GPS tagged images, 'fly' between them and even into them.

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