Leica APO-Macro Summarit-S 120mm f2.5 Lens

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Product Highlights

  • Best image quality up to the edges
    due to aspherical optics
  • Aperture range: f/2.5 to f/22
  • Macro images up to 1:2 scale
  • Weather- and dust-sealed lens

Included Items

  • APO-Macro Summarit-S 120mm f2.5 Lens
  • Lens cover S E72
  • Rear lens cover S
  • Lens pouch
  • Lens hood
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty
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The Leica APO-Macro Summarit-S 120mm f/2.5 lens is a high-speed telephoto macro lens for the Leica S Medium Format Camera system. With a reproduction ratio of 1:2 and unparalleled optical quality, this is the lens to use when high quality macro is required.

Versatile telephoto with macro capabilities

The APO-Macro Summarit-S 120mm is well suited to a variety of applications, thanks to its telephoto focal length and extreme close-up focus range.

Unparalleled precision for maximum sharpness

The APO-Macro Summarit-S 120mm utilizes a number of special optical elements and aspherical surfaces to achieve maximum resolving capabilities, and microprocessors to achieve precise autofocus and iris diaphragm control. Each lens is also centered and tested by hand, ensuring that the optical performance is at its peak, and higher expectations are met.