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The Leica Q2 Digital Camera is a newly developed, advanced compact digital camera that includes a variety of features. Including a much-awaited upgraded sensor and settings. While retaining many of the precious optical features, these new features enhance this new digital camera. The 47.3MP full-frame CMOS sensor has 95% additional pixels, this produces large prints with more detail, as well as better quality videos with a maximum resolution of 4096 x 2160 (Cinema 4K) at 24fps. The improvement to resolution achieves narrower fields of view while still allowing the use of the Crop Modes for lenses with longer focal lengths. With storage support of a UHS memory card (UHS-II), the ultra-high read ensures write speeds, even with the continuous shooting rate having been increased to 20fps. For shooting in hard weather conditions the magnesium alloy body has also been environmentally sealed. The same wide-angle Summilux 28mm ASPH prime lens with a max. the aperture of f/1.7, with three aspherical elements, offering an exceptional low-light shooting performance, all while matching the improvements in the sensor design. The 3.68MP OLED EVF and 3-inch 1.04m-dot touchscreen LCD continue to offer clear eye-level views with the convenience of playback and control of the camera.

The newly announced Leica Q2: a 47MP Digital Camera with New Full-Frame Sensor equipt with built-in Summilux 28mm f/1.7 Lens. A new user-favorite product enhanced with new features, while still keeping the features of the previous model. Featuring a new hefty sensor, new 47.3-megapixel full-frame sensor, a new processor, and weather-sealed build. The Leica Q2 Digital Camera is designed to capture images in a variety of settings from any location with ease.


  • Newly developed 47.3 MP full frame sensor for best-performing image quality
  • Crop modes built-in are improved to 30 MP at 35 mm, 15 MP at 50 mm, and 7 MP at a new 75 mm
  • Weather-sealed for the elements while maintaining a compact body
  • The new 3.68 MP OLED EVF improving the view of the scene with better clarity and color
  • Fixed Summilux 28 mm f/1.7 ASPH lens for sharp images with impeccable low-light quality
  • The new processor from the Maestro II family ensures peak performance at new heights of resolution
  • Quick autofocus and 10 fps burst shooting to never miss a crucial moment
  • 4K video with UHD and Cine4K resolutions for easy on-the-go high-quality recording
  • Refined control elements inspired by design languages established with the Leica M10 and CL
  • Made in Germany for the most premium quality materials and craftsmanship
  • Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) for easier pairing with Leica FOTOS and a continuous connection
  • The perfect everyday-carry lightweight travel companion with image quality capable of pro-level output


Equipt With New Sensor- 95% More Resolution Than Previous Model

The Leica Q2 Digital Camera has a newly developed 47.3-megapixel full-frame including a new sensor with the highest resolution of its class. The Leica Q2 goes beyond the conventional use-cases of a 28 mm focal length with the high resolving power of its built-in Summilux lens, with built-in crop functions for equal focal lengths of 35 mm, 50 mm, and the newly 75 mm. The Leica Q2 brings more possibilities to the world of portraiture and close-up work photography. The original Leica Q2 sensor maintains a 24 MP image at 28 mm, while the Leica Q2 exceeds with the new sensor maintaining a 30 MP image at 35mm equivalent frame. The full sensor image is still recorded even when shooting cropped DNG files, this allows users to change crop during postprocessing. High ISO performance, combined with a fast aperture, creates newfound heights of resolution and flexibility. Making the Leica Q2 Digital Camera the perfect companion for all areas of photography from street, landscape, architectural, travel, documentary, reportage, and even portrait photography.

Improved Battery Life and Weather Sealed Durability

New IP52-certified weather sealing protects the camera from outside forces like dust, rain and water spray. Ensuring photographers can shoot under challenging environmental conditions. The BPSCL4 battery adoption from the Leica SL increases battery life by 30% more than the original Leica Q, with built-in rubber gasket further helping to seal the Q2. Usually reserved for pro-level cameras such as the Leica SL and S, placing the Q2 at a similar level of resilience. This is especially helpful under the challenging environmental conditions that come with photography.

New OLED High-Resolution EVF

Featuring a newly developed high-resolution OLED viewfinder, that offers a lag-free refresh rate, and faster auto-switching between EVF and rear display. With a high resolution of 3.68 MP in the viewfinder, this provides the clearest vision of the user’s composition to perfectly and accurately frame the image subjects. Used today in the highest quality TV and smartphone screens, OLED panels are superior to LCDs for their ability to control each pixel’s brightness independently – yielding a superior color depth and quality for a pleasant experience when the camera is raised to the user’s eye.

Speed + 4K Video

With the autofocus system of the Leica Q2 within milliseconds, it sharply focuses on the subject making it one of the fastest cameras in its class. The new and improved processor from the Maestro II family has enabled a high continuous burst shooting rate with 10 frames per second from the mechanical shutter at maximum resolution. Frame rate options across 4K and 1080p, with added video recording features of 4K UHD and Cine4K, the Leica Q2 has increased video capabilities. Combined with the Leica FOTOS App, with the cameras integrated Wi-Fi making it possible to easily share pictures and videos to social media platforms. With Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) a permanent connection can be established between camera and smartphone. Users can now remotely connect at any time when in range.

New Refined Design For Improved Handling

Carrying forward the Leica traditional the Leica Q moved forward with the reduction to the essentials. The ‘Made in Germany’ seal guarantees that only fine, quality, and resilient materials are included in the construction of Leica products. The noticeable thumb rest of the Leica Q2 has a sophisticated diamond pattern and leather trim to ensure optimum grip. The camera’s uniquely intuitive handling concept is new, following refined design language cues established from the Leica M10 and Leica CL families – including the single-stage On/Off switch, the simplified three-button interface located on the rear of the camera, and programmable button within the thumbwheel dial. The push-button diopter compensation dial on the rear of the camera is a new highlight. This feature prevents inadvertent changed to the settings a user desires. Without losing sight of the core philosophy of Leica cameras, the new Leica Q2 Digital Camera is advancing Leica design with each refinement. 

New Accessories

A range of optional accessories is also available for the Leica Q2.
New accessories include:
-Matching camera protector cases.
-Premium-quality carrying straps in a variety of colors including classic brown and black leather, as well as vibrant pink and red.
-An elegant new 'Ettas' line of soft, coated canvas pouches for a variety of camera models. This line will be launched at the same time as the Leica Q2. These pouches will initially be available in a variety of colors midnight blue, stone gray and red.
-Technical equipment such as the Leica SF 40, SF 60 flash units, and the SF C1 remote flash control unit.
-Add-on thumb rest and handgrip.
All accessories are functional and designed to be easily handled, manufactured from the finest materials for durable long lasting use, and perfectly matching the quality and design of the camera.


  • 47.3MP Full-Frame CMOS Sensor
  • Maestro II Image Processor
  • Summilux 28mm f/1.7 ASPH. Lens
  • 3.68MP OLED Electronic Viewfinder
  • 3.0" 1.04m-Dot Touchscreen LCD
  • DCI 4K24p, UHD 4K30p, Full HD 120p Video
  • ISO 50-50000, up to 10-fps Shooting
  • 35mm, 50mm, and 75mm Crop Modes
  • Bluetooth LE and Wi-Fi
  • Weather-Sealed Construction

What's in the box:

Leica Q2 Compact Digital Camera
Leather Carrying Strap
Lens Hood
Lens Cap
Accessory Shoe Cover
Power Cable
USB Cable
Leica 2 Year Limited Warranty