LensWork Magazine No. 119 Jul-Aug 2015

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LensWork is a 96-page, 8½x7” paperback periodical — a duotone, book-quality, paper-based, anthology-style bimonthly publication.

Photographers/writers in this issue:
  • Building Blocks by Barbara Bender
  • That Old Black and White Magic by Carol Golemboski
  • A Frame at a Time by Edwin Jahiel
  • Welles' Garage by John Leuba
  • The Superlative Desert by Guy Tal
  • Article: More Cameras + More Pictures = More Art? Maybe...Maybe Not by Brooks Jensen and Huntington Witherill
  • Editor's Comments: It's Time by Brooks Jensen
  • Creative Thinking with Guy Tal:  Obsession, Joy and Torment
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