More to Photography Part Eight (August 19th)

More to Photography Part Eight (August 19th)
August 19th
Pictureline Studio
305 West 700 South,
Salt Lake City, UT 84101


Is your photograph telling the story you want to share with your viewer?  In this eighth and last session of More to Photography, we'll share our photos with one another and get feedback from your peers. Sometimes the smallest detail can give life to your photo, other times it can take our attention away from what should be the focus.  In photography there is no wrong answer, but often times there is a better one within reach. Our goal with this critique is to help you to take a step closer to reaching the best answer in each of your images while giving you the opportunity to share your creativity with our community of students.

How to Critique a Photograph 

We'll begin by going over the concepts to look for in one another's photos and how to critique them in a helpful and compassionate way. Our goal is to help our community of photographers grow together and lift each other up.


In this class, you'll take a critical look at your work and decide what you personally like, and don't like about your images. This will help you in future shoots to know before even capturing the photos that you won't like the end result, or what is your style and what's not.

Peer Photo Critique

To evaluate each other's photos we'll use the elements of photography learned in previous classes or in real-life experience. With the instructors direction we'll go through each element for each photo, that includes Depth of Field, Sharpness, Exposure, Light, Color, Contrast, Composition and Framing.

Archiving / Storage 

Lastly, we'll cover how to keep your images safe and archive them so they last forever.

Bring a memory card or usb drive with 2-3 images that you’d like to share.  The photos you present is entirely up to you. They can either be your best or the ones that you feel could use improvement.

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