More to Photography Part One (May 6th)

More to Photography Part One (May 6th)
May 6th
Pictureline Studio
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Importance of the Photograph

Can you imagine where our world would be without photographs? History wouldn't be documented, businesses would probably fail, and the online world wouldn't exist. There is nothing more important than capturing the beauty of the world around us, so join us and learn how to professionally document your world in this More to Photography Part One.

Get to Know Your DSLR Buttons

Have you ever purchased or been given a DSLR camera and been completely overwhelmed by the amount of buttons and menus that it has? DSLR's have an endless amount of amazing options and tools that can help you take amazing and professional photos. But without the skills of knowing how to use your DSLR and just leaving it in auto while you're shooting, can be like having a really fancy car, but never going over 20mph. In this class we want to show you how to go full-speed ahead and accelerate your creative talents.

Understanding Your Camera's Menus

We will explore the camera inside and out so that you can be prepared to take your photography above and beyond as you use your camera in manual mode and learn about the exposure triangle. The camera's menu is crucial to know in order to reach your full potential as a photographer.

Fundamentals of Photography:

This class is a great introduction to photography as an art, and a DSLR as your creative tool. But, to become the talented visionary we know you can be, you must first learn the essentials - shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. Your instructor will go over these fundamentals in a basic way to help you build a foundation you can expand upon.

We highly recommend attending this introductory class, to kick-start your journey as a photographer. Be sure to bring your DSLR or an advanced point and shoot camera, because we will doing a lot of hands-on learning!

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