More to Photography Part Two (July 15th)

More to Photography Part Two (July 15th)
July 15th
Pictureline Studio
305 West 700 South,
Salt Lake City, UT 84101


In this course, More to Photography Part Two, we'll focus on achieving the optimum exposure of your scene. We will expand deep into the details and tricks to exposure and how it is controlled in your camera. We will explore metering modes, histograms, and gray cards to better understand exposures in your camera.

Metering Modes

Light Metering modes have different ways of metering light. As light travels through the camera and exposes on the sensor its reflective light meter will inform you where aperture, shutter, and ISO must be properly adjusted. 

Gray Card

Gray cards are used in photography to help you properly expose a scene that might be fooled by your reflective light meter. We will show you the correct ways on how to use a gray card and use it to your benefit to get proper exposure when needed.


The histogram is one of the most important and least understood tools on your camera. We will demonstrate how to read your histogram which tells you whether or not your image is properly exposed.

Exposure Compensations/Bracketing

Exposure Compensation and Bracketing is another tool that can make adjustments to help ensure proper exposure. These controls are another way to retain details in both highlight and shadow.

Be sure to bring your DSLR or an advanced point and shoot camera to this class, because we will doing a lot of hands-on learning!

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