More to Photography Part Two (July 8th)

More to Photography Part Two (July 8th)
July 8th
Pictureline Studio
305 West 700 South,
Salt Lake City, UT 84101


You know that mysterious dial on top of your camera with all the letters, like M, P, or A? Maybe you've explored these settings, and maybe you haven't, but that is what this More to Photography Part Two class is all about. Our focus for this session is to get you into Manual (M) mode and demystify all of the camera's settings, so that you can feel confident in knowing which one works best for you.

Shutter Speed

The Shutter controls the duration of time that the photo is being captured and is also the leading factor to motion blur. We will discuss which settings will work best with a variety of situations from blurring to freezing your action.


The Aperture controls the amount of light and area of focus in a scene. We will talk about how to achieve soft focus backgrounds in portraits to sharp focus from corner to corner images in landscapes.


ISO determines how sensitive the sensor is to light. We will look at how the sensor changes noise from one setting to another. As well as, discuss how it can be helpful in dark and tricky lighting situations.


Bringing the combination of Shutter, Aperture, and ISO together is called exposure. We will give you the invaluable skill of reading your meter manually in order to get that proper exposure value. You'll never have to worry about getting home from a shoot, and uploading your photos just to discover that they're all underexposed. After this class, you'll be a master of the Exposure Triangle.

Be sure to bring your DSLR or an advanced point and shoot camera to this class, because we will doing a lot of hands-on learning!

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