Nikon SB-500 AF Speedlight

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The Nikon SB-500 AF Speedlight is a compact, lightweight and multifunctional speedlight - with just a few buttons.  Operating on two AA batteries, this flash offers the performance of an advanced Speedlight.  Its powerful and has wide coverage with a guide number of 24/78.7 (ISO 100, m/ft) with 24mm coverage in FX-format and 16mm coverage in DX-format.  The head rotates 180° left and right and tilts 90° upwards allowing you to bounce light off nearby surfaces to soften the light and shadows, creating more flattering portraits.  If your camera has a Commander Mode, it can even be used wirelessly off-camera along with your camera's built-in flash for greater illumination power from interesting angles.  

The SB-500 AF Speedlight is also a versatile video light especially well suited for recording interviews up close. It has a built-in high-intensity LED light (approx. 100 lux) that provides steady, uniform daylight-balanced illumination. It can be used at three output levels—quarter, half or full power—making it practical for low-light video shooting and close up still photography. And when used with the D810 or D750, the SB-500 AF Speedlight communicates LED color information (along with that of the flash) to the camera for optimal white balance.