OrangeMonkie Foldio360 Smart Turntable

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OrangeMonkie Foldio360 Smart Turntable

Foldio360 is a smart turntable that allows you to create 360° images using just a smartphone.
Create your own stunning 360° images with the Foldio360.

360° Images at your Fingertips

Foldio360 is designed for everyone. All you need is a light box and your smartphone or DSLR camera to use the Foldio360. Now it's easier than ever to create 360° images.

Automatic Shooting System

The Foldio360 uses Bluetooth and IR sensors to connect directly with your smartphone and DSLR camera. Once you click the start button, it will automatically rotate, take photos and combine them to create one final 360 image. It’s truly simple, but incredibly awesome.

Halo Edge Light System

Experience 360° images to the next level. Foldio360 has a unique feature called Halo Edge light system to further enhance the quality of your 360° images. This helps eliminate any boundary line to create high quality 360 images.


Foldio360 New updated version is available!
You can download it on the App Store or Google play store.

New features:

  • Background filter
  • Higher resolution
  • Single-shot mode
  • 90 degree
  • Radar

OS version : iOS 8.0 or higher / Android 6.0 or higher