Redrock Micro Handlebar Clamp

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The Handlebar Clamp allows 4" or 8" rods to be attached to standard 15mm rods (60mm spacing), typically used for creating hand grip support for handheld or shouldermount rigs.

The handlebar clamp can be configured with one or more handlebars in 4" or 8" lengths. A typical handlebar setup would be two 4" handlebars, one on each side of the handlebar clamp. A setup for grips and an external monitor would be one 4" handlebar rod, and an 8" handlebar rod with an additional microMount with Spud, with the monitor being mounted on the end of the 8" rod for great viewing placement. An example of this can be seen on the DSLR Field Cinema Deluxe Bundle. You can also setup handlebar rods on one side only, such as seen in the Captain Stubling rig.

Please Note The handlebar clamp does not include bars- you can choose the length and number of bars separately.

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