PocketWizard Shoe Mount Plus II (Repl)

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Plus II, MultiMAX, Plus Transmitter, Plus Receiver replacement hot shoe foot

Your light stand took a tumble in the wind, and your radio took the brunt of the fall!  You need a replacement foot so your radio can lock onto a hot shoe again.

The PocketWizard radios are made from a glass-reinforced resin material, and shouldn't break with normal usage. However, if gear gets dropped or knocked over, there is a high risk that some piece of gear will get damaged. A plastic foot allows for a less expensive (and user-serviceable) part to need replacement over a more expensive part like a camera or flash repair.

In general, photography equipment like cameras and flashes and radios are not designed to be dropped or knocked over. Your PocketWizard's are no exception. Here is a simpler, less expensive, and more accessible repair solution in these situations.