Profoto Air Remote Transceiver

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The Profoto Air Remote Transceiver is a radio slave transceiver compatible with Profoto D1 Air Monolights and Pro-8a 1200 and 2400W/s power packs. The Air Remote allows you to control an unlimited number of generators and heads clustered in up to six groups on eight channels. You can connect the Air Remote Transeiver via hot shoe or a cable, and it only weighs 2.5oz. You can also sync the Air Remote to your flash terminal for firing.

The Air Remote has a range of 1000' and a triggering speed over 100fps. It syncs up to 1/250 second with focal plane shutter cameras and 1/500 second with leaf shutter cameras.

Profoto Air Remote Transceiver Key Features:

  • Complete flash control
  • Receiver and transmitter
  • Range up to 300 meter
  • Remote camera sync
  • Integrated antenna
  • Worldwide use at 2.4 GHz
  • Auto power saving
  • Up to 1/1500 leaf shutter speed
  • Master mode group control
  • Advanced radio protocol for light settings