Profoto ProHead Plus UV 500W

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Heads for Pro & Pro-B Generators

900753 ProHead Plus UV 500W, Zoom Reflector Including Zoom reflector, flashtube, 500W modeling lamp, frosted 75mm / 3 in. glass cover, plastic transport cap and power handle. The head has a 5/8 inch stand adapter and a 4 m / 13 ft. lamp cable. The new Plus version has been upgraded with improved lamphead connector, Perfect ARC flashtube, stand adapter and glass cover.

The ProHead Plus, the ProTwin and the ProRings are compatible with all Pro, Pro-B and D4 generators. The Pro-B Head Plus is exclusively compatible with Pro-B generators. All Pro heads are designed to withstand years of heavy duty use. The ProHead Plus, the Pro-B Head Plus and the ProTwin accept most of Profotos modular Light Shaping Tools. For the ProRing heads there is a number of dedicated Light Shaping Tools available.