Profoto Softbox 2x3' (without Ring)

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The Profoto Softbox 2x3' is a high grade softbox that helps you soften and shape light from a Profoto strobe head or monolight. This Profoto Softbox features a removable front diffuser, which gives you two light tools in one. When used as a traditional softbox, you'll get even light with clean highlights. When you remove the diffuser, you'll get a center-weighted spot effect excellent for portraits or fashion photography. The Softbox also features a velcro strip where you can keep other lighting accessories, like grids or barn doors.

Profoto Softboxes are made with excellent fabrics that guarantee long life time and limited light spill. This softbox fits on standard Profoto speedrings and is easy to assemble and disassemble.

Please Note: Speedring not included.