Redrock Micro ultraCage blue DSLR

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Unparalleled Support

The Redrock Micro ultraCage blue DSLR™ is the ultimate mounting and accessory cage for your video-capable DSLR camera. The ultraCage blue delivers unparalleled support and stability so your DSLR can be used as a professional-level cinema camera.

Cinema-style Baseplate

Like the ultraBase™, the ultraCage blue gives your HDSLR a cinema-style baseplate for adding 15mm iris rods, the backbone for attaching accessories such as mattebox and follow focus.


In addition, the ultraCage DSLR extends the baseplate with a form-fitting, incredibly solid cage that provides added security for your DSLR, and additional mounting points. The ultraCage’s ergonomic design hugs the camera body but still provides access to the bottom battery door and features/buttons of your DSLR.


The optional wireLock reinforces the HDMI connection with a solid locking mechanism, and converts the mini HDMI connection into a more secure full-size HDMI.

Key Features:

  • Support plate delivers professional-level security and stability
  • Wrap-around cage is lightweight, offers multiple accessory mounting points
  • Maintains complete access to your DSLR’s battery door and buttons
  • Supports both top and bottom 15mm rails
  • Optional wireLockfor robust HDMI cable handling and lock-down
  • Lift and lock knobs for easy tool-less adjustments
  • Compatible with Redrock’s family of ultraCage components and accessories
  • Machined aluminum construction
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime warranty
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