Sony 128GB G-Series 2933x XQD Card

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The 128GB Sony XQD New G series memory card maximizes performance of high-end and professional XQD compatible cameras. With XQD compatible cameras, max read of 440MB/s and max write of 400MB/s, providing excellent performance in 4K video shooting and continuous burst mode shooting, with super-fast transfer to host devices.

  • XQD Performance
  • The G series achieve max read 440MB/s, max write 400MB/s by using PCI Express Gen.2 (5Gbps) interface. Also supports USB 3.0 (Super speed) for higher performance and easier connection to PC.
  • Fast reading and writing
  • Maximizes performance of XQD cameras, whether 4K video recording or continuous burst mode shooting, or transferring large contents to host devices.
  • High Durability
  • Shock proof, anti-static and resistant to breakage. Full performance in extreme temperatures, Also UV, X-Ray and Magnet proof.
  • Five Year limited warranty
  • A five year limited warranty for your peace of mind
  • Downloadable File Rescue software
  • Applies special algorithm to achieve higher rate of recovery for RAW image, MOV files and 4K XAVC-S video files captured on Sony and Nikon devices.