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Product Highlights

  • 64GB Storage Capacity
  • SF-G TOUGH Specification
  • IPX6 Dust-Proof and IPX8 Waterproof Ratings
  • Max Read/Write Speed: 300 MB/s - 299MB/s
  • Minimum Sustained Transfer Rate: 90 MB/s
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Whether you’re a photo professional or an amateur videographer, if you like shooting out in the elements, the Sony 64GB SF-G TOUGH UHS-II SDXC (V90) card was made for you. At 18 times stronger than a standard SD card, the rigid, one-piece construction of Sony’s SF-G series TOUGH cards eliminate the connector ribs and write protection tabs that often contribute to other SD cards’ flimsy feel. And with 300 MB/s and 299 MB/S read and write speeds, respectively, the Sony 64GB SF-G TOUGH UHS-II SDXC (V90) card supports continuous shooting, high-resolution video, and ultra-fast backup and data transfer.

Designed to be Tough

Never lose another memory with the Sony 64GB SF-G TOUGH UHS-II SDXC (V90) card. An ultra-strong, resin-molded, one-piece design means this card is virtually indestructible. No fragile connector ribs or write-protect switch make this card impervious to the elements, so it’s ideal for even the most adventurous photographer. The Sony 64GB SF-G TOUGH UHS-II SDXC (V90) is dust-proof, waterproof, and can withstand drops of up to 7 feet.

Lightning Fast

Designed to support recording for any UHD or high-burst-rate devices, the Sony 64GB SF-G TOUGH UHS-II SDXC (V90) card achieves a writing speed of up to 299MB/s, and a reading speed of 300 MB/s, which means you’ll spend less time backing up data and more time shooting. Whether you work with high-resolution still images or 4K video, this high-speed memory card combines fast buffer clearing time and efficient data transfer.