Syrp Ball Head w/QR Plate

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360 °
Panoramic Rotation
26.5 lbs
Weight Capacity
12 oz
Quick Release Type

The Syrp Ball Head with Quick Release Plate is a compact ball head designed to work with the Syrp Genie (not included) and is also compatible with most tripods or monopods with a 3/8" male thread.  The Syrp Ball Head is able to hold a maximum load of 22lbs and features an Arca-type quick release plate with a 1/4" male thread and locking knob to secure your camera device without fear of it unlocking or falling off.  The two locking knobs control the movement, one for tilting and the other for 360-degree panning.  

The Syrp Ball Head is also compatible with the Syrp Magic Carpet to secure your camera to the Syrp slider to create smooth panning and time-lapse photography.