Syrp Variable ND Filter Large (82mm)

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The Syrp Variable ND Filter Large (82mm) is a must have for every film-maker and photographer that allows you to achieve creative shots that are otherwise impossible in camera. The ND filter allows you to limit the amount of light entering the lens by 1-8.5 stops and enabling you to shoot in bright, sunny conditions with low apertures and slow shutter speeds. For film-making you can achieve that sought-after look with shallow focus allowing your subject to be sharp while the rest of your scene is blurred out. For photography and time-lapse you can achieve enhanced motion blur in bright conditions and obtain smoothed waterfall shots, glassy lake or sea shots and whispy cloud shots. Includes the ND Filter, 2 step-up rings (77-82mm and 72-82) and a premium Genuine leather case with lens cloth.