Wedding Weekend Workshop– Day 1 (June 10th)


June 10th
305 W 700 S
Salt Lake City, UT 84101


Wedding Weekend Workshop

Sponsored by Canon

Day One: 

9:30am - 10:30am Lighting on Location 
11am - 12pm Intro to Couples Photography
12pm - 1pm Catered Lunch
1:00pm - 3:30pm Wedding Essentials Workshop 


9:30 am: Lighting on Location - The Canon Speedlite Difference
Wedding photography guarantees high stakes, fast pace, and almost certainly moments of poor lighting. A candle-lit indoor venue is perfectly romantic for the occasion, and doesn't have to send you scrambling to catch important shots. Speedlites will transform your images, and set you apart from other photographers. Canon technician, Peter Lee, will be leading this workshop. Hands-on learning will include a variety of speedlite topics, such as:

  • Flash photography basics – how aperture, shutter speed & ISO affect flash exposures.
  • Learn how to operate the various shooting modes in the Canon flash system.
  • An introduction to Canon E-TTL automatic flash exposure, manual flash, & flash exposure compensation.
  • Off-camera flash & Canon’s radio wireless flash system with the Speedlite 600EX-RT, Speedlite 430EX-RT III and Speedlite Transmitter ST-E3-RT.

Peter Lee

Peter has over a decade of experience working with Canon’s printers and imaging products before he joined the camera product educator team in 2013. As a Canon technical representative, he is a passionate teacher and enjoys interacting with everyone from full time professionals to beginners. He enjoys various genres of photography including: architecture, landscape, portraiture, macro and sports. 


11:00 am: Intro to Couples Photography Seminar - How to Shoot Engagements & Bridals
Experienced wedding photographer, Amanda Castleberry, will spill her secrets to capturing emotional bridal portraiture, posing that appears natural and flattering, and more in this introduction to couples photography seminar. Some important concepts she will demonstrate are:

  • How to pose couples
  • Flattering angles for clients
  • Techniques to encourage genuine expressions
  • How to make clients feel comfortable and confident
  • Adapting to different lighting scenarios
  • Understanding what is most important to your clients
1:00 pm: Wedding Essentials Workshop - Photographing Portraiture, Wedding Cake & More
After her portraiture seminar, Amanda will guide us through a hands-on workshop shooting a bride and groom. You will have an opportunity to pose the bride and groom to create authentic wedding portraiture, so we suggest you bring your camera to practice these new techniques. In this session, Amanda will also touch on:

  • Which details clients are expecting in their wedding package
  • How to get dreamy images of cake & more
  • Best equipment and camera settings for low light reception centers
  • How to be prepared for first dance, bouquet toss, and more  

Amanda Castleberry

Amanda is a passionate wedding and family photographer capturing light and love. She is interested in the authentic in-between moments, the life changing big ones, and the unique story every client has to tell. With every client, she creates timeless, soulful, images.

Amanda has loved photography since a young age but really started
fine-tuning her skills when she started as a photographer's assistant for many professional photographers at the age of 19. Learning to work light, composition, and posing she continued on and was accepted into BYUs competitive photography program in 2007. There she completed her visual arts degree with many awards and scholarships in 2009. While completing her degree she decided to venture into the business of weddings. Over the last 7 years, wedding photography has taken Amanda all over the country photographing hundreds of weddings and couples.



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