Wedding Weekend Workshop– Day 2 (June 11th)


June 11th
305 W 700 S
Salt Lake City, UT 84101


Wedding Weekend Workshop

Sponsored by Canon

Day Two: 

9:30am - 10:45am B2 Off-Camera Strobe Workshop
11am - 12pm Catered Lunch
12pm - 1:45pm Wedding Filmmaking Seminar
2pm - 3:30pm Continuous Lighting Workshop 


9:30am-10:45am: Off-Camera Strobe – Perfectly Lit Portraiture with the Profoto B2

Pictureline's lighting expert, David Ward, will guide you through a hands-on portraiture workshop lighting a bride and groom with compact Profoto B2 off-camera strobes and Profoto light-shaping tools.
The B2 is the world's first off-camera flash that can be used both on and off-camera. It offers full TTL operation, recharges rapidly after full-power fire, and is high speed sync compatible to freeze motion.
We encourage participants to bring their cameras to this workshop.

Dave Ward

At the age of 12 I stole a camera from my dads closet and never returned it (sorry Dad). The camera was a way to document my love of the outdoors and especially documenting my love of rock climbing. This triggered a lifelong love of photography. After learning natural light photography and the use of reflectors to direct the sun I’ve moved into using external lighting to give me the ultimate control of the image.

For the past 7 years Dave has been an instructor at pictureline covering the basics of photography, getting to know your camera classes, lighting with speed lights, and studio lighting. 
Dave recently spent a week in Sweden with Andrea Belluso learning about the many light shaping tools available to Profoto users.

12pm - 1:45pm: Wedding Filmmaking Seminar – Filming with the New Canon 80D 

Renowned wedding filmmaker, David Perry, worked his way to the top in the busy wedding videography market. This seminar will guide you to do the same! David took the new Canon's EOS 80D, an intermediate video-focused DSLR, on a test run. He will demonstrate how to create beautiful work without breaking the bank, and advise you on gear you should not shoot without. Other important topics he will touch on include: 

  • Impressions on the new Canon 80D
  • Why shoot weddings on a DSLR?
  • Tips on essential gear
  • How to be profitable filming weddings
  • How to stay relevant in an ever-changing and over-saturated market
  • Q&A session
David Perry

David Perry began his filming business in Utah in 2000, and has been filming weddings full time since 2002. He specializes in LDS Temple Wedding Films. He is ranked in the Top 25 Event Filmmakers in the World by Event DV Magazine and awarded Best of State for Documentary Films. His documentary films have been featured at the UN in NYC multiple years and have received Five Telly Awards. David has presented in Boston, New Jersey, Orlando, San Antonio, Detroit, New Orleans and Kiev, Ukraine.


2pm - 3:30pm: Shooting Wedding Imagery with Continuous Light Sources 

Wedding photographers and videographers offer timeless captures of the beauty and emotion displayed on a wedding day, but these moments shouldn't be limited to the ambient lighting of the venue. Join us for a hands-on learning opportunity as we explore portable continuous light sources that will supplement your strobe-lit photographs and save the videos of your candle-lit dances. Practice with portable, bi-colored LED lighting, like Westcott's new 1'x1' Flex waterproof mats. Bring your cameras so you can see for yourself just how on and off-camera LED light sources can transform your wedding imagery.

Pepper Nix

I'm a Canon girl, I have been ever since I got the Canon 1D from Pictureline during the Olympics.  I'm currently shooting with the Canon 5D Mark III bodies. As for lighting, I shoot with 3 of the 600EX Canon Speedlights, a Profoto B1 lighting kit, and a set of the Westcott Flex panel LED lights.

Photography has been a part of my life since I was 14 and a family friend gave me their old camera.  It was a Canon AE-1 and I took it everywhere.  Imagine my delight when in college, someone said that if I kept working hard and training, that I could be a professional.  You mean, I'd get PAID to take pictures??? It was like someone had told me that I could get paid for eating ice cream!  So, choosing to be a photographer as my career wasn't a difficult decision.  Deciding which type of photography to specialize in, though, was harder.  I kept thinking that I wanted to be a National Geographic photographer and travel the globe, but one day I read an article that said they were all divorced and spent months and months at a time away from their children. Photographing joyful events made much more sense for my personality, so wedding was a perfect fit!

Pepper's phenomenal wedding images have been published in magazines and online on Wedding Wire, The Inspired Bride, The Ultimate Wedding Magazine, The Westchester Wedding Planner, Popsugar, The Luxe Pearl, and dozens more all over the globe!



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