Westcott 30" DigiTent

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The Westcott 30" DigiTent is the perfect, inexpensive solution for product shots. The Westcott DigiTent is a white tent designed to help you take flare-free images of small products. It's a great tool for taking professional looking and glare-free product shots of highly reflective objects, like electronics or jewelry. By placing the object inside the self-enclosed diffusion box, surrounding light is softened while providing a neutral background behind the object. You can light the DigiTent with any type of light that suits your needs, and you can light the tent from the top, sides, back, or front. The front panel on all three sides of the tent peel back to give you access to position your products perfectly.

DigiTents collapse to 1/3 their open size and include a black and white backdrop along with protective travel case. The Westcott 30" DigiTent is made from nylon and is supported by a sprung steel outer frame and can be spot cleaned by hand with non-bleach laundry detergent. The Westcott 30" DigiTent is backed by a one year warranty against manufacturer defect. 

Westcott 30" DigiTent Specifications:

  • Item Width: 26.0"
  • Item Length: 33.5"
  • Item Depth: 25.0"
  • Item Weight: 3.0 lbs.
  • Packaging: Fabric Carry Case
  • Diameter of tent in case: 14.5"
  • Depth of tent in case: 3.0"
  • Backgrounds included: White, Black