Westcott Eyelighter

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The Westcott Eyelighter has perfected the light by shaping a reflector in the same curvature as the human eye, as opposed to flat reflectors which create unflattering catchlights in the eyes on close-up portraits. Specifically designed for beauty and portrait photography, The Eyelighter reflects an arched light toward your subject, leaving a catchlight that follows the natural curve of the iris. Unlike triflectors, this catchlight is seamless, without unflattering gaps. This innovative tool not only provides pristine catchlights, but also reflects a stunning, clamshell lighting.

The Eyelighter frame is constructed with a strong aluminum allowing for lightweight durability. In true Westcott fashion, only the finest reflective fabric is incorporated in this reflector. Tension rods are utilized to pull this material taut, maximizing the light casted. Assembly and tear down are simple, allowing for quick on-location shooting.

Made of Aluminum, Double-Laminated Cloth.  57 in. length and 25 in width.  21 in. in total height.

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