Westcott Flex 1x1 Daylight Cine Set

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Excludes AK and HI

  • Ultra-versatile 1-Light Flex LED bundle
  • Flexible, lightweight LED mat
  • Fully-dimmable, high-output LEDs with 95-98 CRI
  • Durable Scrim Jim Cine modular framework
  • Includes mounting arm, extension cable, and more
  • Silent and flicker-free operation

The Flex 1’ x 1’ Daylight Cine Set features a Flex 1’ x 1’ Daylight LED mat and a Scrim Jim Cine 1’ x 1’ Frame and diffusion, giving filmmakers and photographers the ability to instantly create a stunning portable light source.


Daylight-Balanced Output

Available in sizes ranging from 10x3" to 2x2', Flex Daylight LED Mats are perfectly balanced at 5600K to quickly and easily complement the available lighting on your next production.

Hassle-Free Output Control

All Flex mats include a convenient dimmer to adjust light output. Smaller dimmers feature a built-in mounting thread for placement on Scrim Jim Cine frames. An optional 16' water-resistant extension cable offers versatility when you need extra length.

Scrim Jim Cine Meets Flex

Innovative Flex LED mats pair perfectly with corresponding Scrim Jim Cine frames for the most cutting-edge light control system available on the market. These frames allow for precise Flex mounting and customizable diffusing and directing.

Effortless Setup

Designed with riveted Velcro edging on parallel sides of each Scrim Jim Cine tube, Flex mats attach instantly to these frames and can then be paired with your choice of diffusion fabric.

Built-In Mounting

Each Scrim Jim Cine frame tube features a durable built-in ⅜-inch-16 thread, allowing streamlined mounting to your preferred stand or arm.

Various Mounting Options

The unique design of the Scrim Jim Cine Frame allows for a multitude of mounting options. Partner your frame with your choice of mounting hardware, like our available Universal Stud, Dual-Socket Magic Arm, Tilter Bracket, Center Jaw Vise Grip, Boom Arm, or Grip Head. Mix and match for the ultimate setup!

Rugged Framework

Scrim Jim Cine tubes are constructed with anodized aluminum that can withstand heavy use on set while maintaining a lightweight form. Connectors feature a positive-locking system which keeps your frame builds in-tact throughout your shoot while still being easily removable for quick setup and teardown.

Cutting-Edge Flexible Design

Designed with a flexible form and pliable framework, the Flex can be mounted out-of-sight in any location. The heaviest Flex model weighs under 3 pounds, making these mats an obvious solution for traveling filmmakers.

Premium Output

Super bright output with true to life color rendering. Flex mats produce outstanding output with impressive Color Rendering Index (CRI) values of 95 and 98.

No Green or Magenta Spikes

Thanks to its cutting-edge LED technology, Flex mats boast amazing color readouts, without green or magenta spikes. Quality output means minimal post-production.

Water-Resistant and Durable

These flexible lights are designed to withstand years of use in extreme conditions. With a 64 IP rating and an ultra-durable construction, Flex can withstand rain, dust, cleaning, and heavy-use.

Minimal Heat and Minimal Power Draw

Behold the power of LED technology. Even after hours of use on-set, Flex produce minimal heat. This allows for mounting to virtually any modifier or platform and for adding gels directly to your light source. Flex also draw little power, so you can look forward to prolonged battery operation and a drop in your studio’s electric bill.

360-Degree Light Spread

So what are the benefits of utilizing a flexible light source? Besides the obvious mounting possibilities, Flex can be shaped to control light spread in every way you could imagine, from 140-degrees to 360-degrees and everywhere in-between.

Safe For Use Worldwide

With a multi-voltage 110v-240v input, Flex can be used internationally. These light are CE and UL certified for safety.

Perfectly Framed by Scrim Jim Cine

Flex mats feature built-in Velcro edging for instant attachment to Scrim Jim Cine frames. This framework allows for superior modularity and customizable diffusing, mounting, and controlling.


Kit Contents:

  • 1 x Dual-Joint Tilter Bracket


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