Westcott Flex Cine Bi-Color Mat 1-Light Set (1’ x 2’)

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Product Highlights

  • Thin, flexible design
  • 2800-6000K Variable Color Temperature Range
  • Dimmable from 0-100%
  • CRI/TLCI: 95/93
  • Adjustable DMX dimmer and AC adapter

Included Items

  • Flex Cine Bi-Color Mat (1' x 2')
  • Flex Cine Dimmer & AC Adapter (US/CA Plug)
  • Flex 24v / 5A Power Adapter
  • Power Cord
  • Dimmer Shoulder Strap

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Increase your lighting options with the Westcott Flex Cine Bi-Color Mat. The thin, light mat emits a powerful output of up to 3900 lux at 1 meter with a light spread of up to 360°. Easy-to-use controls allow you to adjust color temperature and intensity, and you can easily program the mat with customizable color presets.

Lightweight design

At only 1/3” thick, the shape of the Westcott Flex Cine Bi-Color Mat is flexible and easily manipulated to achieve light spread of up to 360°. The entire mat weighs less than three pounds and is designed with a variety of mounting options — including hook-and-loop edging, magnetic corners, and metal grommets — that allow for use in tight spaces or other areas not suitable to more traditional lighting options.

Wide range of temperature and brightness

Easily adjust light temperature and intensity on the Westcott Flex Cine Bi-Color Mat through the 3200-5600K range. With dimming from 0-100% and a powerful output up to 3900 lux at 1 meter, you’ll have an endless variety of lighting options.

Accurate light color

With a Color Rendering Index (CRI) score of 95 and a Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI) of 93, the Westcott Flex Cine Bi-Color Mat helps you accurately capture a wide range of color, including skin tones.

State-of-the-art control

The dimmer and AC adapter included with the Westcott Flex Cine Bi-Color Mat give you precision control over light output and duration. The dimmer comes equipped with pre-loaded color presets, but also allows you to define your own. Cutting-edge sensors detect which make and model of mat is connected, specifies the required voltage, and customizes the available dimmer controls. Firmware updates are a breeze with the built-in USB port. The V-mount AC adapter is designed to power any size mat that’s paired with the Flex Cine Wireless DMX Dimmer. The durable, heat-resistant adapter offers up to 240 watts of power but stays cool, thanks to an on-board low-decibel fan.

Additional features:

  • Water-resistant
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Compatible with most 14.4V to 26V V-mount batteries