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We are always looking for talented and enthusiastic individuals to help us maintain pictureline's stellar reputation of knowledgeable and friendly customer service. We offer competitive salaries, medical benefits, employee discounts, and a store full of photography equipment that will continually fuel that fire you already have for the art of photography. We are not only a team, we are a family and we work hard everyday to make pictureline the best possible work environment for each member of our family.

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Part-Time: Videographer

Pictureline is seeking a part-time videographer/editor committed to doing the kind of work that builds trust and exhibits exemplary storytelling. As a videographer, you will help determine the cinematic look & feel, as well as the lighting for our content. You will work on short-form stories/marketing videos ranging from 30 seconds to 12 minutes long. These videos will be distributed through various mediums, including YouTube, web, social media, and email.

As a videographer, you should be comfortable in providing appropriate storyboards and pitching creative ideas. You will be in charge of operating all cameras, managing microphones/audio feeds, lighting, and raw footage through final edits.

The candidate must be self-motivated and also willing to collaborate with the marketing team to make sure the development of video assets is tied to an integrated marketing strategy. You must be able to capture clean and correct audio and video footage, including talent and b-roll, plus create slates, needed animations, and other on-screen visuals in line with established branding protocols.

Most importantly, the videographer will get to know the company’s brand, tone, fonts, colors, and full style guide with fluency to develop compelling assets that correspond/connect to pictureline branding.

Minimum Qualifications

4+ years' experience shooting, lighting, and editing; experience using DSLR and cinema-style cameras and lenses; experience with visually creative approaches to storytelling; ability to shoot while traversing various types of terrain; high degree of editing proficiency using the Adobe Premiere Suite; experience working with a variety of formats, codecs, frame rates and media/data management; familiarity with color correction; excellent written and verbal communication skills; and ability to lift, carry, and hold a variety of equipment for extended periods of time.


Drone Op license/certification is a plus.